MT Cue numbers and other questions

Any tips on how to add song numbers to the top corner of parts? Please see the imgur link for examples. I’d also love to hear how people are dealing with other common music theatre things like vamps and safeties (also pictured in the link).


Create a text frame on your master pages that includes the {@flowNumber@} token. If you need anything more complicated than regular digits (1a, 1b etc.) then use the Flow Work Number in the Project Info dialog, then put the {@flowWorkNumber@} token in a text frame on the master pages.

For safeties etc. I just use System Text.

Hi John
It looks as though this is something you could add to your First Masterpage (score and parts).
There are several videos on the masterpages on the YouTube Dorico channel :wink:
[Edit] Leo IS fast!

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Thanks guys!