MTC internal sync

I’m trying to sync Cubase to an internal MTC clock - using MIDIOx as an MTC generator and LoopBe as the internal MIDI port. I went to the project synchronization setup page, set the timecode source to be MTC (can it not be MIDI clocks?) and set the MTC input to be LoopBe internal MIDI. Having done this I activated external sync on the transport panel. When pressing Play on the transport panel I would have expected Cubase to wait for MTC, but it simply plays the loaded tracks. Generating MTC from MIDIOx out the internal MIDI output port has no effect either. Am I missing something?
Thanks, Richard.

7.5.3 has some serious MTC issues. They are going to be addressed in 7.5.4. Not sure if that is your problem, just letting you know.

Thanks for the heads up - yes I am getting the feeling that there are MTC issues with Cubase. I downloaded Reaper and it works fine for this scenario.

The MTC issues have been confirmed by Steinberg. I really hope they release the 7.5.4 patch soon. I just had to run a session in Sonar X3. Actually…it went pretty dang smoothly. Come on boys…don’t force me out!