MTC, other issues, some success and crashes (10 days left to trial)

Hi everyone,
10 days left to my trial to Cubase 11 so I would really appreciate if anyone could help me before my trial runs out, especially on the MTC issue. There are 4 things I have to get to work before my trial ends if I am to make the switch.

1. I have been interested in switching from Logic to Cubase because of the 16 midi-input-channels limit in Logic. With Cubase it has been easy and I can send 128 midi channels in Cubase from a notation software without a glitch.
This was a big success.

2. I attempted to record the incoming midi from these midi channels (starting with just 1 channel at a time). Doesn’t work: No rhythm is recorded, every note is received but they are superposed on the first beat of the generated midi region.

3. When I double-click on a midi region to edit in the piano roll the software just crashes. Is this just because of my operating system (os X 10.12.6) or is it something to be expected even if I upgrade my OS?

4. MTC: I tried sending MTC from Finale or Logic to Cubase. In both cases when I press play the Cubase cursor just flies passed bar 300. Then when I try to deactivate Sync it crashes. If I change a setting it crashes (only after I attempt playback). What’s strange is that if I go to bar 55 in Finale, then Cubase accurately moves its playback head to bar 55. The problem only occurs when I start the playback, Cubase goes crazy.

Options (locked frames and dropout) are set to default. Nothing else is enabled. I need to absolutely get this to work in order to have audio tracks playing with the score. If this actually works then I will make the switch to cubase.

I find Cubase is good, great intuitive interface and awesome midi features. However it crashed more for me in a few days than Logic did in the last 10 years.

Haven’t had time to test my mixing desk with it yet, or surround.

Any help is extremely appreciated.

Is there is no actual support here?


What was the source of the MIDI data, please? To me it sounds like timing issue. Or the source doesn’t sound Note Off properly.

Cubase 11 is not officially compatible with macOS 10.12. No one knows, how does it behave.

No this is not support forum, this is user forum.