MTC out port selection using "next-one" under the hood

Hi! It’s not a big one, I fugured out a the workaround few weeks ago and can use MTC by selecting “next-port-for-slave-DAW”, but sending you anyway for checking in a calm period of time.

Does anyone experience such a thing?

No idea what you are doing there. But using Cubase and VL concurrently is not supported in the first place.

Hi @musicullum , the same is with Reaper, doesn’t metter, also they are not using the same audio device. What I’m experiencing is:
Setting VSTL MTC out to MIDI port: “SOMETHING1”
then MTC from VSTL is coming out on port: “next-one-after-SOMETHING1”.
Does this makes sense, did you experience such thing maybe?

Yes, but…

No, and I cannot reproduce it.
If Cubase is opened at the same time however, MIDI Ports may be missing for VST Live altogether, but that does not appear to be the problem. Just don’t know how to reproduce, whatever I set comes up right next time VST Live is started.

Thank you for checking it to me! Then that should be my local problem somehow (using loopMIDI sw. for crosschecking exact TC values on linear timeline until VSTL will display-pos = Offset + Song position). Interesting, because in any other cases loopMIDI ports are working in order.

But hold a second…
Oh @musicullum , belive or not…! The issue is not present with 1.4.2, I’m so sorry. I was dealing with a while in the last few weeks (screen rec with version present on nov. 13), and by not seen entry for in version history didn’t tested with the most recent then again. I’m soooo sorry!! Working now as expected, MTC is coming out exactly on the same port that addressed for!

No problem, thanks!