Much bigger input-latency then buffer is set to

frustrating on mac yosemite , when pressing input monitoring , even WITHOUT PLUGIN , i have a terrible
latency for the inputs , impossible to play guitar through a plugin or anything else …

buffer setting is 128 , feels like 2048 or above …
same settings , same OS (yosemite), same Plugins ( guitar rig , Waves GTR) , same interface (SPL Crimson)
works fine with PTHD12.1 .


You should be able to drop your buffer much lower than your 128.

thx for the link , deactivating ASIOGuard helped here indeed , coming from PT and N4 new for me ,
but what is here the point? asioguard seems to be more or less only aditional buffer which is NOWHERE indicated,
its a huge buffer with lot of aditional latency for audio inputs , and should be deactivated as soon an input is on monitor or record mode to reach acceptable latency for the inputs.

using buffersizes from devices manager doesnt show there the “real” value if asioguard is on.


ASIO Guard will let you drop your latency right down so you still get the performance you might expect from 128 at 32 instead.

…i will try thx