much more CPU overload / Audio Dropouts


Around few months ago I began to get much more CPU overloads and Audio Dropouts during playback.

The strange thing is: ASIO load is around half or less and overloads occur sudden without any visible cause, causing ASIo to jump to 100%

Anyone a not obvious explanation? Off course I have checked, whether a lot of instruments or effects are the cause but I haven’t found any obvious case (e.g. buffer settings are high)
An applicational case where it occurs. E.g. I have a live act project which just includes some audio tracks where the different audio tracks are chained in sequence (they don’t play at a time) and 3 instrument tracks with VSTis and some effects. This project was no problem some months ago, but suddenly (after including more tracks where it’s audio is not played parallel but in sequence!!!) the project produces CPU overloads or audio dropouts constantly. CHanging of buffer settings to max did not help.
Or in this project (see screenshot). Buffer settings are huge, ASIo normally around 50% but it peaks to 100% for strange reasons, and suddenly… and for my taste to strong (from 50% to 100%?)

It seems to me that it is more connected to an update (OSX or Cubase) than really project related.
Has anyone mad similar experiences? Or at least more causes for that phenomenon?

Check out this thread. I recently had a similar issue. The ASIO spiked for no reason one day, and wouldn’t stop. And this was on mixes that I done months ago that didn’t even make the computer flinch.

I trashed my preferences, and voila!


thanks mate, that did it…

just annoying to reset all my prefs again (because if I backup all again from the older ones the problem reappears)…

thx anyway…
At least playback works now normallsy
Exporting external instruments still is an issue wirh CPU overload errormsg’s.


Once you get your preferences set the way you like, make a copy of the entire folder somewhere safe as a backup.

thx mate, I did that, the problem was that the backup folder seemed to produce the error with the CPU Overload/Dropouts :wink: so I played the files back and problem reappeared :wink: The backup now should be cleaner :wink: