muliple trills


Is there an easy way to create more than one auxiliary trill note ?
like in the case of a chord in single staff divisi strings for example ?


Screenshot 2019-12-21 at 15.50.48.jpg

It can be done, though it’s a bit involved. You’ll need to each note in a separate voice, and set the ‘Voice column index’ property to 0 for the note that ends up offset from the other one, so they end up as a chord. Then add a separate trill to each note; set the ‘Hide trill mark’ property for one of them and switch off ‘Has trill line’ as well.

Thanks Daniel,

Of course, that makes sense.
I will try this now !


mmm, that’s the best I can do.
Hide stems was needed and now I need to extend the upper voice stem down so it includes the bottom note in the chord.
Also some work on the trill note positions

May be a built in, faster way to achieve this would be nice.
Officially on my wish list…


You shouldn’t need to hide stems. Set both stems to the same direction and they’ll look like they’re the same voice.

ok ! thanks
still, that’s a lot of steps…

plugin ?
can we already do something like this by studying the lua examples included in /Applications/Dorico ??


You could probably produce multiple scripts, but there would still need to be some manual clicking in between scripts.

this one is hard. no way but to hide the stem.
I still have to figure out how to nudge the low B to the left…

Thanks for the script response.

I guess my feature wish is still on for Daniel then.


Note Spacing tool. Click on the circle to move voice columns independently.

done, thank you.
now a 100 more to do :frowning: