Mulitple Audio Outputs from a Single Pad in GA?

I posted previously and got an answer that I don’t think works.

I use Groove Agent and I split apart the drum track into their instruments (kick, snare, clap, high-hat, ride, tom, etc.). THEN… I will duplicate the kick and vary or change the MIDI notes on each of the 3 kicks.

What I want 3 different sets of audio fx on each (of the 3) kick drum, each panned differently, some with chorus some without, some with delay, some without — however - all 3 are really triggering the exact same drum sample in Groove Agent, but I want each MIDI input to have a unique output so each can have unique audio fx on it.
Likewise I have multiple clap sounds, again different MIDI tracks to the same pad in Groove Agent, but I want each input to have a unique audio output so each can have different delays and EQ, and reverb fx.

Is there a way to do this WITHOUT generating audio from the MIDI tracks??
REPEAT - I do NOT want to generate audio files from my MIDI tracks, because I’m still playing or auditioning different beats (and different fx for the same beat).

I see that in Groove Agent you can assign a (singular I think) an audio output for a pad. Can you assign more than one (like 3 or so) audio outputs, and tie each to a different MIDI input?; that would allow me to use different audio fx for the different MIDI tracks triggering the same pad.

I’m afraid… I’m going to have to duplication or create multiple instances of GA.

Thanks in Advance

As far as I know this is not possible.
The easiest way to somewhat achieve what you want in my opinion would be to put the same sample on three different pads. Each pad can then have its individual output. Since you already use three different MIDI tracks instead of using different MIDI channels you’d be using different MIDI note values.