Multi band compressor size

Hi all,
I have a question regarding a Steinberg insert.
Having got the Cubase Pro 8.10 update and loving it, my question is about the multi-band compressor.
Like all my other inserts, it is always on top, and the GUI size is fine when first opened.
The problem is when I click on the SC button on the bottom left of the GUI. The lower side chain section opens but the bottom part seems to go lower than my screen so I cant see it!
I cant move the GUI up, and I cant resize it, so I cant use the SC element of this insert!
This insert has always been like this for me in Cubase Pro 8, and its not a biggy, but I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else
Am I missing something or is it my set up?
Guidance, a direction to previous post’s or any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Jim B

What about the project scroll bar you might ask? Gone it seems. The new setup does not seem to cater for problems like this. I have just been looking at this issue on my desktop computer. I can only assume you are using a laptop as the GUI seems to be longer than my laptop.

I think I have found a work-around. Switch to the generic editor via the little arrow extreme right in the drop-down menu. The third listed item is Show-SC click that to off and you will get the original GUI view back. Of course after you have returned to the plugin editor. I had to toggle it on/off twice to get it to work.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Silhouette,

Yes I use a lap top but it is only with this particular insert where this issue occurs!!

I will have go at your suggestion and let you know what happens!

To the best of your knowledge has this issue been raised anywhere else on the forum because I regularly check and I haven’t seen it come up?

I will be back in front of my puter tomorrow so I will let you know how your work around worked :smiley:

Jim B

Well the project scroll bar was the way that you could get to the bottom of large GUI’s. it is one of annoyances of the new window system. I have not seen this specific issue mentioned or the problem regarding the GUI size on a laptop when accessing the side-chain function.

Little things like this are annoying because of the time it can take away from the music solving them.


Yes I use a lap top but it is only with this particular insert where this issue occurs!!

It also affects project synchronization setup window, where the Ok/Cancel buttons appear off screen.

Well at least on a laptop

Perhaps you should mention this in issues as it is a downer if you use a laptop. The lack of project scroll bar can be intensely annoying. I don’t think all the implications of the new windows handling system has been thought through.