Multi-band MasterRig Imager

I’m using WaveLab to master pre-mixed mono recording. I like to use MasterRig’s Imager to add a very subtle stereo touch, to lightly un-flatten those mixes. I usually split the frequency band where it makes sense for that particular mix, and move the lows a little bit on the left side and highs on the right. I like the result, and I really like that plugin because it’s easy to use and clearly shows the split on top of a live spectrum analyser; in fact it’s the only MasterRig feature I use, for compression and equalizing I use TDR plugins instead.

But I’d like to have more than two frequency bands, or at least be able to the split with a gap in the middle. If I’m not wrong, this is not possible, and you are limited to two bands. I see on the plugin reference manual that the MaterRig in WaveLab Pro is more advanced and have up to four bands, is it right? If yes, is there a way to have or purchase the Pro version of the MasterRig VST without the whole Pro package? If not, do you have any recommendations for VSTs with similar imaging capabilities? Also, do you think it’s possible to get there using multiple instances of MasterRig stacked onto each other, albeit this will quickly waste the five slot available in the Essential master section?


To the best of my knowledge you cannot purchase the Pro version. There are lots of other plugins that can do this. My favorite is Stereo Placer from Nugen

Best of luck!