Multi-bar rest bar count font?

I need to make some custom multi-bar counts, and I’m not finding what font is used by default for these. Apparently by default it’s Bravura 20, but when I create a text item with this font, it doesn’t look the same.

Any suggestions?

Assuming you want to use the regular digits 1 through 9 from a standard text font, on the Rests page of Engraving Options, set Bar count appearance to Plain font, and then set the desired font for the Multi-bar Rest Bar Count Plain Font font style in Engrave > Font Styles.

Here it is set to “Bar count appearence, Music font”, which I like. And in “Edit font styles, Multi-bar rest Bar count font” it shows Bravura 20. But then when I create a text item to create a “1” and set that to Bravura, I’m not getting the same “1” as Dorico is showing for the others? I need to add some “1”'s in a couple places when Dorico itn’t doing it. Dorico is right in not doing it, but publisher wants them.

Bravura has no symbols in the alphanumeric range. The numbers used for Multi-bar rests are SMuFL characters (as are all the other kinds of 0-9 numbers that it holds).

You need to use the appropriate glyphs, not keyboard 1234567890.

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