Multi-bar rest expect in solos


I am using Dorico Element to write jazz arrangements for school and I would like to do the following:

  • Use multi-bar rests in the “theme” section
  • Not use multi-bar rests in the “solos” section (because in this section, I am manually moving chord symbols insides the bars)

Is it possible to do it? Right now, I am not able to use multi-bar rests because of what it does in the solo sections.

Or maybe there is a better way than manually moving chord symbols inside the bars for the solo sections (and setting a custom scale for rests to “1” to hide them)? I haven’t found any.


Don’t move chord symbols manually! There’s always a better way.

E.g. add a chord symbol region where you want to show chord symbols. This will prevent multi-bar rests consolidating within that region, and also shows chord symbols there.

Set the player to show chord symbols only in chord symbol & slash regions, to make sure you don’t get chord symbols elsewhere where you don’t want them.

Please feel free to post here anytime and ask how to achieve something, there are lots of people who are happy to help.

Thanks! This is useful!
Is there a way to do something similar to this?

I saw that chord regions could help me to show chord symbols only in relevant places but I want them inside the bars as in the image.

Right now, I am selecting the bar rest then I set a custom scale to 1% and then I move the chord inside the bar by changing the padding. Is there a simpler solution?
Or am I misunderstanding chord symbol regions and it would allow me to do that?

You can hide bar rests in all empty bars in the layout:

But I’m not sure positioning chord symbols inside the staff is standard; I’ve never come across it myself, in my admittedly limited experience with this style of chart.

If you are going to move chord symbols into the staff though, make sure you disable text collision avoidance for that “Trombone solo” text item, so it’s not floating miles above the staff.

I tried this option before but the thing is that I need rests to be shown in other parts of the score (in the theme for example). Otherwise it confuses players.

I think it is something standard for jazz music sheets and it is required for the music sheets I need to write for my jazz arrangement classes (probably not in other types of music though).

An alternative is to keep the chord symbols above the staff, and show a slash region inside the staff lines instead. They help clarify where in the bar the chord change should happen, as well.