Multi-bar rest number too high above single line staff

In my percussion parts, there are some single line staff systems and some 5-line staff systems. The placement of the multi-bar rest bar count number above the staff looks good for the 5-line staves. With the single line staves, the bar count number is at the same distance above the multi-measure rest symbol as in the 5-line staves, so the bar count number is too far above the single line staff.

In Engraving Options/Rests/Multi-bar Rests/Appearance/Design, it says “bar count distance above staff,” but in my percussion parts, apparently it is not recognizing where the top of the single line staff is, because it places the bar count number the same distance above the multi-bar rest symbol as for the 5-line staves.

Can I get the bar count number to the same distance above the single line staff as the 5-line staff?

Try a setting of -1 space.

OK, using the -1 works to make a better looking space between the bar count number and the single line staff. But, all the 5-line staves in all the parts (not just percussion) now have the bar count number sitting on top of the top line of the staff. So, must I choose between good looking placement on 5-line staves and good looking placement on 1 line staves? Any other options? Thanks for the suggestion…it’s better…

Hm. When you’re done with the project you could print or export all the normal parts to pdf, then change this in engraving options and export the one line staff parts.

I believe this will be improved in the next update without need for messing around with these things.

Good news, thanks everyone.

So, I’m in Dorico 2, same problem, when a multi-bar rest number is in the right place for a 5-line staff, the one-line percussion staff’s number is too low. Daniel said, “I believe this will be improved in the next update without need for messing around with these things.” Is there a solution other than creating a separate score for perc parts? Thanks!

This is how the bar count looks by default in a new project. How does it look in your project?

Your photo inspired me to look, and the number over the 5-line staff was also a bit low, so moved them both to “0” and they are fine. This score was started in Dorico 1, and I had to set the number to a different number to look like this. So, fixed, many thanks for your response!

The position of the numbers in Daniel’s example is quite standard. Some might even consider the number over the single line staff to be a little high. The point is to get these numbers away from the system or staff above this one to provide proper spacing and avoid conflicts with markings. They also need to be individually adjustable for the same reason. Hopefully this is also possible in Dorico.

Indeed, they can be nudged or dragged anywhere you like in Engrave mode.