Multi-bar rest problem in one part

Hello all, Happy New Year to you! I have a problem that I can’t find the answer to. I’m working on a copy job for a composer, I have his piece from Finale but I’m working on it in blessed Dorico 4.3 from an XML export (notice that my user name is “Finalished”, all behind me). I’m attaching a mock-up of the start of the piece, just one page of some of the music smashed together while still exhibiting the problem from the full file.

The first two measures of the bass clarinet part refuse to show up as a multi-bar rest, the rests just do not work for that one part and only at the start.

Later blank bars in the bass part combine for multi-bar rests. All the other parts have multi-bar rests everywhere they’re supposed to, whether at the start or later. I can’t find anything hidden, no text or anything. Or am I missing something? I have to assume this is due to the imported XML origin of the Dorico file (?) somehow. The bass clarinet does have a bass clef showing for only the concert pitch, but I don’t see how that is causing the problem either. I’ve tried erasing it but this does not then let the two blank bars combine as they should. What gives? Please help me.
multi-measure rest needed in bass cl.dorico (933.6 KB)

The only thing I could find which might indicate where the cause of the problem might be was when I changed the starting time signature to 1/4. The result was this:

It might give a clue to any others (including the dev team) who feel inclined to dig a lot deeper than I am able to, to work out what the cause is.

After reverting, I went into Setup mode and duplicated the player, and then (in Write mode) selected all the notes in the Bass Clarinet part, copied them and pasted them into the new player. The result in the new part was this:

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Interesting! I can try your trick, thank you. BUT I want to leave this up in case any others or dev team, as you say, would like to dig deeper and find the root cause.

I can’t say how the project got into this state, but there is a group of dynamics at the start of the second bar in the bass clarinet part, with a whole bunch of gradual dynamics that all have zero duration. Nothing manages to draw, but the dynamic group is there, and that’s what prevents the multi-bar rest from consolidating at that point.

Unfortunately, getting rid of an event you can’t select is very difficult. You would need to create a new bass clarinet instrument and copy all the material across to the new one, then remove the old one, in order to solve this problem.


Thank you, Daniel. I think the project got in this state by beginning life as a poorly done Finale file and then me having to rely on an XML export from that.

I don’t see the dynamic group (bunch of gradual dynamics with zero duration) you’re talking about at the second bar of the bass clarinet in either the score or part. I’m not sure by what means you’re seeing these but anyway I have no doubt you’re right to say they’re there. It’s weird to think of ghostly elements being present in the notation file, hanging around and going bump.

Anyway, I have applied the workaround of creating the new instrument as suggested by Steven Jones and yourself, I copied everything AFTER bar 2 to the new instrument, deleted the old one, fixed whatever needed to be matched up to the other parts in Layout Options, redid all my little transposition accidental adjustments, and Bob has since then been my uncle. Thank you both.

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