Multi-bar rest problem

Why am I getting the first bar separate from the ‘rest’ of the multi-bar rest?

And why does the multi-bar rest go from bar 1, if bar 1 has already been shown?

Is this an imported XML, perchance?
edit: actually, does this thread help?
Incidentally, the bar number thing would indicate that your first bar is either set to be uncounted or has been labelled bar 0. It was that that made me think MusicXML.

Yes, it is. Argh. It looks like the numbering restarts on bar 2 of every flow. That means I can’t rely on the bar numbers. There isn’t a signpost for bar numbering changes. How can I spot them, without going through counting every bar?

What’s the best way for renumbering?

Off the top of my head I can’t think of an easy way to do this, beyond reading through the bar numbers in Galley View or temporarily setting the Layout Option to show a bar number on every single bar. When you come to one that’s wrong, right-click on an object in the bar and Add Bar Number Change.

The original document had bar numbers for each section: when I split it up into Flows, presumably, the Flow numbering and the existing numbering has collided a bit.