Multi-bar rests (again...)

I can see this has been asked several times, but I haven’t found the solution digging in the answers. I have a score with four players, at some point, the players have several bars of rest, and I would like them to appear as multi-bar rests in the parts.
I found the attached image in one of threads answering this question, but I can’t find a window which gives me similar look - it could be because I’m on a Windows platform and the picture is from a Mac. I can not add the project here for everybody to download, but I can mail it to the support if needed.
The screenshot of the dialogue I can’t find:

And a screenshot of the project I’m working on:

Layout Options is Ctrl-Shift-L on Windows, I believe, though it must exist on a menu somewhere but I can’t think where. Then in the top left corner there’s a drop down menu from which you need to select Players. Then scroll down.

Thank you - Finally, I found it using the shortcut. I can’t find it in any menu.

For the sake of completeness: Layout Options are also accessible via the cog icon at the bottom of the layout list in Setup Mode.

Layout Options is also available in the Setup Menu.

Derek is correct, but also “for the sake of completeness” (to quote fkretlow), the Setup Menu only makes its apprearance if you are in Setup Mode (just in case some users are trying to find it in the menus instead of using the keyboard shortcut), and the cog wheel only shows when in Setup Mode with the Bottom Panel showing). :wink: