Multi-bar rests for single bar

Is it possible to turn off the “1” over a single measure rest when Multi-Bars rests are active?

I’m afraid not in the current build, due to a mistake I made putting the Engraving Options dialog together, but this will definitely be possible in the first post-release update, in which the option will appear correctly.

Hopefully you can add an option to put bar number ranges under multi-bar rests too… and/or make it possible to force a bar number on the first bar after multi-bar rests.

Yes, this feature (once I’d realised it was there) in another program has saved hours of session time for me.


This is on our wish list for the future.

Has this been addressed in the recent update?

Being able to specify whether or not 1 should show above a single bar has indeed been added in 1.0.10, but displaying a range of bar numbers under a multi-bar rest has not yet been added.

Will this feature soon be implemented?
Inserting Bar Number Changes in parts is quite a tedious work!

Yes, I hope that showing ranges of bar numbers below multi-bar rests will be implemented soon, but I can’t say when this will be exactly.