Multi-bar rests not appearing in parts

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I can’t find it by searching.

For some reason multi-bar rests don’t appear in the parts in one project, e.g. in the attachment. This was originally imported via xml from SIbelius, but I have several other projects imported similarly where multi-bar rests do appear as expected. In this one they don’t show up in any of the parts at all. I assume there’s some setting that needs adjusting, but where can I find it?
no multibar rests.jpg

Setup menu, Layout Options. It’s in the Players category.

You can set the property for each layout (a.k.a. “part”). I’ve no idea if XML can set this automatically - but presumably XML can specify somehow whether there is supposed to be a multi-bar rest or not.

Note that you can select all of the part layouts in the Layout Options dialog so that you can make the change to show multi-bar rests in all part layouts at once.

Thanks both!