Multi-bar rests per flow?

At the moment the multi-bar rests settings are per layout only.
But in one layout I would like multi-bar rests in some flows and in some others not.
Which is the best way to achieve this?

There’s no “official” way to do this. I’d say create an empty text object and copy-paste it to each bar, which will break the multi-rest. There might be other solutions involving a playing technique with continuation line that could be scaled down and adjusted somehow.

A quicker way is to add a Chord Symbol Region - this will prevent multibar rests for the length of the region. If that shows chord symbols that you don’t want to see, select one, Select More, hide (from the properties panel).

Thanks to both for your suggestions.
Sorry for the late answer I was away from my PC.

The chord symbol region is indeed an ingenious solution.
It is fast and seems to work well.
Hopefully it does not have unexpected consequences in other layouts.

After editing the multi-bar rests in the several flows of a Flute layout, I must say this was fast and easy to do it with Pianoleos suggestion using a key command to assign a chord symbol region.
Until now I do not notice any negative consequence.

I can’t find any setting in the engraving options to set a minimum number of bars before multi-bar rests are shown.
For example depending on the context I would like to have multi-bar rests only from 5 bars up.
Is there such a setting?

No, there’s no setting for the minimum number of bars to be included in a multi-bar rest.

Thank you for your answer