Multi Bar Rests should be adjustable per Flow or per appearance

Now the multibar rest is a setting for the whole score and all the flows. This is inpractible. Multi bar rest should ad minimum be changeble per flow or better per appearance…

Can you say a little more about what aspects of multi-bar rests you want to change on a per-flow basis? You can already adjust the graphical appearance of each multi-bar rest in Engrave mode via Properties, and you can split multi-bar rests at any point using Engrave > Split Multi-bar Rest.

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Yes certainly! Two aspects:

  • The choice from alt-cmd-L for your instrument propagate to all the flows in the project. I would like to have this per instrument per flow. (or better like an engrave thingy where ever you want to use/break/create them )
  • sometimes you want to divide the bars with rests in multiple multirests in a part. So when you have 8 empty bars you want to divide them into 3 + 3 + 2 manually. without using ||

The way it works now for me is a choice for the whole project but in some parts you want to have a different behaviour than others.

As I mentioned in my previous reply, you can split multi-bar rests at any position using Engrave > Split Multi-bar Rest.

yes! that is possible!
thx for the quick reply!
… To remove a split signpost you have to go to write mode.
… And when inserting a multirest split there seems no interaction possible.

well maybe i am missing something…yes I missed something…Full score was in multirest mode as well… Which it shouldnt… Seems problem solved!

Have you read the instructions in the manual?

Why ask me this question?
It doesn’t help me!
I also don’t like the vibe of the old boomer RFM response.

This Dorico is a great piece of software. I have read the manual, watched the youtube clips. I have spend hundreds of hours working in Finale and numerous proj in Sibelius. So the change to another notation program is confusing.
That s what happens when you work with this type of software tools.
You work with them and run into problems. I remember I got phoned by collegues with the first versions of Finale asking where the ending double bar was…
Anyway…it makes me super grateful there is a place where I can get quick responses to questions I encounter.

Plus it shows that in the end some solutions work but may not be as intuitive for users with another background and or comming from other notation software programs. Sometimes there needs a change in usage by the user sometimes feedback can lead to other ways of solving a (ux)problem.

Calm down. I thought the manual was quite succinct.

You can place the split anywhere if: “You have opened a layout… that either has items in the bars where you want to split multi-bar rests or in which multi-bar rests are hidden…”

The example that you showed fails this requirement. Normally the full score layout does not show multirests, so that would be the easiest to use if you want to split multirests. The split applies to all layouts that are set to show multirests.

It is also possible to replace the “tacet al fine” via Engrave Options, which helps locate specific locations to insert breaks in multi-measure rests.

By the way, Janus was trying to help you in post #6 with a link to the relevant page of the manual – in case you didn’t notice that was a link, in blue.