Multi Bar rests?


Can anyone explain why I am still seeing multi bars of rest even though I have elected to NOT show them, as you can se by the page on the LH side that it has worked for that part of the score, but not on the right hand page.

And thoughts to thins one?



Excuse me for being stupid, but the ‘Show multi-bar rests’ option is shown as being switched on in your screenshot…?

Daniel, read the OP more carefully - it’s extremely counter-intuitive!
She WANTS multirests on, but doesn’t want multiple bars of rest…

Thank you - I JUST realized how confusing my post was…!

I had already responded when you had chimed in.

“thank you for the re-word” I shall be more diligent next time.

Amanda, perhaps double-check that the relevant layout is selected on the left column in Layout Options. It may very well be that you’ve turned on multirests in a part or score layout that’s off the bottom end of the screenshot, but not the layout that’s actually in front of you.

That said, I’ve never seen what you’ve shown, where one page has multirests and the next doesn’t.

Is there any possibility you’ve got hidden stuff in the bars on the right hand page? Maybe turn on all signposts and double-check. Things like hidden time signatures are the usual suspects.

Thank you.

All signpost are in view.
Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.50.04 PM.png
And the only activity from the full score at that point is this.


I even turned on the option to SHOW MULTI RESTS in FULL SCORE lay out options in set up mode (which I never have turned on for full score) to see if that might even override it…

Anyway, I don’t want waste anymore time with this and I guess I’ll just have to live with it. You were kind to help. Thank you very much.

Amanda, are there any other instruments that have notes in these regions that are not showing in your Full Score view? That might explain this. Switching to Galley View would verify.

Amanda, if you send me your project, I’ll take a look. (I know I already owe you an answer about the speed of adding articulations to percussion staves, too.)

I’m having the same problem here. I already checked for hidden elements (e.g. at section G), but there’s nothing more then chords symbols (which, however, don’t seem to be the reason, as you can see in bars 43-48 just before section E).
What am I missing?
Thank you,

It’s quite possible that the lyric extender lines are internally too long despite showing the correct length. (see this discussion, for instance: Lyric line problems - #10 by dspreadbury)

If you select the “ooh” lyric at bar 67 (on any stave) does the status bar (bottom left corner of the screen) show Lyric bar 67-68 or some longer range of bars?

Actually, you’re totally right: it say bars 67-82. I’ve read the discussion you linked, but now I can’t find a solution to “tell” Dorico that that line should only run from 67 to 68. I’ve tried with deleting and rewriting, cutting and pasting on the same point, deleting and rewriting the next word (“What” in b.83)… no way, it keeps on thinking that line to be much longer. Any idea on what I’m mistaking here?

Ok. Grab the oohs on the bottom two staves and delete them altogether - this is just so you can see when it’s working!
Then select the ooh on the top stave, set your rhythmic grid resolution to something long (whole notes/semibreves perhaps) and type Shift-Alt-Left repeatedly. You should see the bar numbers in the status bar update accordingly.
If you overshoot, the multi bar rest should consolidate but the extender line may then be too short. If so, set the grid to something small and then use Shift-Alt-Right to extend until it’s the correct length (but the multi bar rest is still consolidated).

Then copy down to the other staves either via Alt-clicking or Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to staff below (to which you should assign and memorise a shortcut, if you haven’t already - it’s a jolly useful one).

There may be some quicker way but off the top of my head I can’t think of one. I know I’ve previously written on the subject here: Lyrics paste bug? - #2 by pianoleo

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Thank you so much, it works perfectly!