Multi Bar rests?

Ok. Grab the oohs on the bottom two staves and delete them altogether - this is just so you can see when it’s working!
Then select the ooh on the top stave, set your rhythmic grid resolution to something long (whole notes/semibreves perhaps) and type Shift-Alt-Left repeatedly. You should see the bar numbers in the status bar update accordingly.
If you overshoot, the multi bar rest should consolidate but the extender line may then be too short. If so, set the grid to something small and then use Shift-Alt-Right to extend until it’s the correct length (but the multi bar rest is still consolidated).

Then copy down to the other staves either via Alt-clicking or Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to staff below (to which you should assign and memorise a shortcut, if you haven’t already - it’s a jolly useful one).

There may be some quicker way but off the top of my head I can’t think of one. I know I’ve previously written on the subject here: Lyrics paste bug? - #2 by pianoleo

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