Multi Channel EQ

I would love to see Multi Channel EQ in Cubase.
When we do a mix we often equalize kick vs bass, piano vs guitars, pads vs strings etc just to curve most suitable eq for the content we work with.
So I’d like to activate chosen chanels to be seen in “Master EQ”.
If I have a couple of guitars I have to emphasize some frequencies at one guitar and cut them on the other to distinguish it in some way. Working in one eq window and possibility to switch between layers would be esential. I could easily see and compare frequencies then. As I am aware no DAW I know has feature like that and in my undesrtanding it could spead up and improve eq work.
However similar concept could be found in Neutron or Eekjuliza by Plugin Boutique but it takes couple of instances of the same plug in increasing CPU and Asio buffer which is not convinient.
Having this in Cubase solves routing problems and I am sure it’s better solution.

I’d think of master/superior big eq window.
Every audio or instrument channel would have button connecting to this master eq window.
If I already made tweaks to bass in channel eq, this changes will be reflecting in bass eq curve
on a master eq and vice versa, if I make changes to curve at master eq curve, changes will be transfered and reflecting
on a channel eq curve.
The important think is master eq GUI.
Lets say I clicked bass and kick master eq enabling buttons at mix consol.
I’m opening master eq window and see kick frequencies in yellow and bass in red. I could easilly see in one
window where fundumental kick frequency is and clicking on bass red area I can activate
bass curve and substract this let’s say 60Hz from bass.
On the other hand I see I have dominant a sound on bass with frequency around 110Hz
so I could substract this frequency from kick clicking on yellow area of master eq to switch layer from bass to kick.
What I have is visual representation of kick and bass frequencies, I can see common areas of this instruments
and differencies in one nice eq window, I can easily tweak curves and every change I made on a master eq level
is automaticly transfered to channel eq of respective instrument.
If I’m done with bass and kick I click deactivate buttons linking instruments with master eq
and activate piano and guitar to work with this instrument in one convinient eq window and easilly see
frequencies their occupying.
I think a limit of four instruments sources at the same time due to gui limitation would be reasonable.