Multi channel group/bus

I have seen a tutorial for Voxengo Span (free analyzer plugin) which, like the integrated Voxengo Curve EQ, supports up to 8 input channels. So it is possible to display e.g. bassdrum and bassline in different colors in the analyzer to separate them better.

In the tutorial, an 8-track bus was created in Ableton Live, which was then immediately recognized in the routing by Voxengo Span. When I create a group in Cubase, I can select LRCS or 5.1 under “Configuration”, for example, in addition to Mono or Stero, which is then also recognized by Voxengo as 4 input channels. But these are very surround specific. My question is: How can I create a standard eight-channel group (without surround features) like in Ableton? And how can I route the output of a bass drum or bassline channel to the individual input channels of the bus track on which the Voxengo is loaded?


This could help.