Multi-channel instruments crash

When some of my projects are cluttered up and loaded with many plugins, multi channel instruments (like Omnisphere or Kontakt) cause Cubase to crash unexpectedly when one of its channels is selected (by selecting its assigned MIDI) on the project windows.

For some strange reason this issue doesn’t really happen when a multi channel instrument run on a new project but just on a busy one.

In an attempt to understand what cause Cubase to crash I first removed all the VST plugins from the VST folder and then I re-opened my project with all the plugins missing.
Unsurprisingly, the project didn’t crash this time and it seemed to work fine.
After I added more and more plugins in turn while keeping closeing and opening Cubase, the issue came back when the multi-channel instruments were loaded back into the project again.
(This time it was Kontakt with 6 used outputs)

Then I tried to use Cubase 7.5.0 on the same project and this version worked perfectly well with no any clashes.

I should note that Cubase is updated to 8.0 10 and running on OSX 10.9.5.

Hope that will be fixed in the coming updates…