Multi-Channel Midi in and Through routing needed

I have had a need for some time to be able to send a multichannel midi signal into Cubase on a single input, and have it go through to multiple outputs on a channel by channel basis.
I have a synthesizer with a built in sequencer that has 16 midi channels. I want to run that into Cubase and send Midi Channel 1 to a VST Synth, 2-5 to my Eurorack synthesizer, each on individual channels (i.e. incoming channel 3 only to outgoing channel 3 or any channel)

Currently, I can record and then separate multichannel Midi but there is no thru that I can peel off single midi channels and pass. I had a similar issue at Disney trying to have multiple instances of Battery, each on separate Midi channels, respond to a multi-channel Midi signal coming in. This should be easy to do but it is impossible unless I’m missing something or something has changed recently.

Have you looked at using the Input Transformer to only pass through the desired channel.

Raino, Thaks for the response. I need to pass all 16 channels from a single input, and send the individual channels to individual outputs.

Then make 16 midi tracks with the same input.
Input Transform differently on each track.

Heeeeyyyyyy. I’ll give that a try. Thanks

A noble attempt but I can’t seem to figure out how to filter 15 out of 16 midi channels on each input to output.