Multi Channel MIDI Out from VST plugin

I try to set up a VST instrument to send and receive MIDI on different channels. The VST instrument is Maschine 2.

I create 16 MIDI tracks, each one is sending MIDI to the plugin on a seperate channel. This is working fine.
But when i try to select the Instrument also as Input on those MIDI tracks to record the MIDI data from the plugin, all events from all channels are squasched together on each of those 16 MIDI tracks. So this is pretty useless.

Is there a solution to this or do i just have to live with it?

You can do this by setting up a Local Input Transformer for each midi Track:

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This is working perfectly.
Thanks a lot!

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I’m glad that did the trick for you - happy midi recording from Maschine!

p.s. This way of doing it is the best way I know for having Maschine control something else live.

However (just in case you haven’t bumped into it yet, if you don’t need it live, you can also drag the midi patterns out of Maschine into a Cubase midi track.