Multi-channel Program Changes

Dear Steinberg,

At the bottom of the MIDI editor there is a place for CC lanes and Program Change appears as an option but I don’t see how to set up Program Changes for different Channels.
Also, when I drag and drop a MIDI file to that track with different Program Changes at different channels it doesn’t seem to be read correctly (the Bank Changes are correctly read for each channel but not the Program Changes, none of it appears in the MIDI monitor).
Anybody can illuminate me on this? Is it a bug or Cubase is not supposed to read Program Changes across different channels in the same track?

Thanks much in advance!

Enable the Info Line by clicking a small down arrow to the top right of the toolbar:

Now highlight some MIDI CC or Program Change nodes (the white squares) and use the Info Line to assign different MIDI channels to them. Press Enter while holding Ctrl to apply the same change to all nodes.

Thanks much for your answer. Is it possible though to send two or more Program Changes to different channels at the same time point? (eg. two instruments changing preset at once at the beginning of a bar). Since there is only one Program Change lane, I can’t overlap points.

It’s possible if you use the Info Line to move the two Program Change events to the same spot, but I would recommend using the List Editor or the Project Browser (Ctrl+B) for that instead. They’ll handle overlapping events better.

Just what I was looking for. Amazing. Thanks!