Multi Channel support WL 11 Pro v Elements

I’ve been trying to find out if the support for ambisonic multi channel files is the same in both elements and pro.
I’m recording on a Soundfield MKIV and I get 4 wav files.
My current work flow has been to go via audacity to create a multi and it be great if elements will do this. I really don’t need most of Pro’s additional features.


WaveLab Pro support all Ambisonics orders, while Elements only support 1st order.
Moreover, WaveLab Pro includes the VST Ambidecoder plugin.

Thanks for the info.

My situation is somewhat strange because (due to its vintage) my Soundfield MK4 produces 4 x mono tracks.

I then need to create a ambisonic file to enable use of the VST plug in within Cubase Pro.

Would I be correct in thinking that elements would allow me to create a 1st order multi wav from my Soundfield files to then export and process within Cubase Pro projects?

Hope that makes some sense


You can do the following: create an ambisonics montage like this. Then add your 4 files to the 4 mono tracks.


I can achieve this in elements?

Thanks for the help


What I show you is Elements.

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