Multi-Channel to Mono - No Panners

Ok, so apart from the Multi-Channel to Mono not working properly with Musical Mode on a Audio Event, there is also another issue where the created Left and Right channels do not have panners.

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add Audio file and select.
  3. Use Multi-Channel to Mono. This happens regardless if Musical Mode is on or off for the selected Audio
  4. After conversation, Left&Right channels have no panners.

If this is not a bug, normal behavior should be that the Left & Right should have panners and the left panner should be panned 100% to left and the Right 100% to the right?

Is anyone else getting no panners?

Multi to Mono - No Panners.png

I had the same issue, then realised the group track I was sending through was, for some reason, mono.

Ok, so after fiddling around some more, it appears that the L&R channels are being connected to the left and Right outs of the stereo outputs, thus the reason why there is no panner. They should be routed to the stereo output automatically after the conversion and panned left and right.

Workaround: change the L&R channels to Stereo Out and pan L & R. Annoying, unnecessary extra work but do-able for now.

Also, I received an e-mail from steinberg support and was told that they were getting the same result on their end. It has been reported to the development team.