multi channel vst problem

hey, i did have a look through the forum but couldnt find a result so sorry if topic has be solved before.

i am using cubase 5 le. i have a multi channel drum vst which on other cubase versions usually routes each drum to a channel and they show up in the mixer.

in this version of cubase only one drum gets routed to an output (stereo) and i cant work out how to route the others. i tried loads of things.

also in other cubase versions there is a vst rack menu thing (F11). is there one on 5 le and how do i view it.

hope some one can help. sorry for the lack of knowledge.

You can’t use multi-out VSTi’s in LE. Single stereo out Instrument Tracks are all you get. MIDI tracks are for external kit.

i had a feeling that was going to be the answer :frowning:

thanks tho.

dxa: Export (SOLO) your VST Drums one drum at a time back into your project as an audio file… Open your Drum editor and mute (using the Mute tool) every drum except the one your exporting. Repeat this procedure till you have all Drums on seperate track’s. Make sure your curser is on 00:00, your locaters setup properly and your SOLO button is activated. I did a version of this back in the 1990’s with my analog 8-track tape deck,tape syc, and a drum machine.

works for me

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: You’ll notice below in my list of instrument’s Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2.0
Superior Drummer 2.0 has a Bounce Feature that does basically everything I said above
but with alot less hassle.Bounce’s all the Drums into seperate audio track’s back into Cubase Le4.
Great sounding acoustic Drums. Try it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: