Multi channel VSTi is half-cooked


I can’t imagine I am alone with this. I have been pleading for SB to sort out a simple way to reference the audio output of a MIDI track to it’s instrument fader on the desk. And I thought, hoped, Multi-channel VSTi’s was going to solve it but it doesn’t.

Let me explain.

With a simple VSTi, if you select the VSTi track in the project, the Audio Output channel fader is selected in there mix console. Great! This is a great advantage over a MIDI track, obviously, as we want to mix audio, whilst accessing the musical material on the project track. This is not so straightforward with a MIDI track: if you select a MIDI track you must “hunt” for the audio output fader on the mix console, or assign the MIDI track to a fader (if it belongs to the group of outputs) in the inspector. This latter method has sort of worked, but not brilliantly. You still don;t get to see the correct audio output on the mix console without further clicking and hunting.

Now, with the new multi-channel VSTi, I was hoping that the additional MIDI tracks that can access the VSTi would also instantly hook up to a corresponding audio output fader on the desk (like the main VSTi track does). They don’t.

Please SB, can you adapt the multichannel VSTi concept as follows:

When adding a MDI track that points to an existing VSTi, please allow the user to tell Nuendo which Audio fader I want to automatically be selected in the mix console. I don’t want to see it only in the inspector, I want to select a MIDI channel in the project window, and have the correct audio output that is associated with that MIDI track selected in the mix console instantly.

It’s so simple, and would save me so much time hunting for channels in the mix console. I do NOT want to be looking at MIDI tracks in the Mix Console. I am not interested in this. I want the hybrid types of track that VSTi offers, but implemented correctly for multi-timbral/output VSTi’s.

Thanks for reading,



Would at least be nice to see the output channel in the “show output chain” in edit “channel settings.”