multi clip editing request

When I’m splitting recorded files, I often have to do edits to all of the clips at the same time. I move the starts and ends of the clips and change envelope fades while holding the option key. This works great, but there’s a big hitch in the workflow. Let’s say I want to change the start and end times of all the clips to make sure nothing has gotten cut off. I go to the clips window and select all and then go to the main window, press option and move all the start times. Now, what I’d like to do next is simply press option again and move all the end times, but as soon as I finish moving the start times, all the clips are deselected. I have to go back up to the clip menu and reselect all. Strangely, this is not the case if I’m moving envelope points. In that case, the clips remain selected, exactly as I want. In any case involving multi clip editing with the option key, I’d like all the clips to remain selected until I make a new selection.

I can’t reproduce this (clips remain selected). Are you sure you don’t click outside clips (which causes deselecttion).

This is what I see over here:
wavelab multi clip (190 KB)
The audio pops are where I click the mouse. The first one is to move the focus to the montage window, the second one is the mouse down as I move the start time with the option key down. You can see two of the clips changing their start times. When I’m done, I simply release the mouse and you can see that the visible clips deselect as do all of the other clips.

osx 10.6.8
wl 7.11

I still can’t reproduce. Does it always happen? Can you try on a new default montage, with 2 clips, to see if this happens also?

OK, I checked this out a little more. I can’t figure out exactly what triggers this problem, but it seems to be related to the way I’m working. If I go to the clip window and hit command-A to select all clips, press the option key and then drag the start of one of the clips, they all change and then deselect. Sometimes. If I select the clips by selecting one of the clips in the main montage window and then shift clicking another one to make a selection, then the selection stays intact during all multi clip editing.

The only thing I’ve seen that consistently causes the problem is the Zoom the clip when selected command. If I have this activated and then select a single clip so that it zooms in the main window and then press command-A to select all clips, I consistently have the problem with deselection after moving the start or end times. Once WL gets into this state it continues, even if I disable Zoom the clip when selected, until I make a multiple selection by shift clicking in the main window again. After that, everything is fine.