multi-core support for cubase

I must say that i,am loving the multi core support for the halionsonic SE especially if your working whit a 8 core processor getting all the power that you need. I really like to see this multi-core function in Cubase for people how use a computer using processor up to 8 core.
Seeing that 64 bit support is now officially for the apple based computers whit this new multi-core support for halionsonic SE seeing a boost in performance. You can really say that there is still more to gain when it comes to performance. Is there also something that can be done in performance enhanccement when it comes people how have a lot of memory in there computer. I have 12 GB of memory in my computer bud evan whit big project i even don,t use it all.

You are using a bulldozer ? How does it stack up ? Cope better than a phenom II ?

The performance i,am getting with my system in general is good. bud when you see that whit a little update there is a boost in performance it,s always welcome. That also tells that there is still more to gain when it comes to performance ant i think that developers of the software like steinberg and or other DAW or 3 party developer now that there is still headroom whit today,s hi end computers.

The setting Multi Processing under VST Audio System in Device Setup?

You say that there is already multi core function in cubase ant it is i now there is. Bud then tell my why did the have a separate multi core support update for halion sonic SE.
That means that the new multi core support for halion sonic SE is a update version multi core support that the now have in the current version of cubase. The reason why i think is that the multi core support that the have in cubase came out around the time the came whit the first dual core processor (cubase SX 3). The new multi core support really gives you the option to choice for up to 8 core support. I can be wrong bud knowing what know let,s me think that there is more to this multi core support ant the reason for my qeustion.

Since all three VSTi’s in the HALion suite have their respective settings, I would venture to guess that the multi core setting in the VSTi’s are for them respectively. This surely means that the multi setting in Cubase is for Cubase.

Nowadays, partial code segments can be declared for multi core and those segments will utilize up to X amount of CPU’s. In Microsoft.Net for example, such segments will use up to 64 CPU’s without even specifying the amount of CPU’s. This type of parallel processing can optimize these type of segments in various ways depending on available resources when the code executes. If seven cores are idle, it could grab them all, a few or whatever, depending on system statistics, etc.

This is not the same type of usage as spawning more threads, as in for background tasks, such as the Media Bay drive media scans, for example. Threading per se, is simply dividing the code into two or more logical code segments that runs side by side (like having two or more applications, that can share resources).