Multi Core


I’m putting together a new DAW with 2 AMD 6274 processors.
Anyone care to test this little N5.5 session (link below) on a multicore AMD or Intel machine and post the results ?
It seems that activating the 2 group tracks (and the plugins) in this 10 track test session hangs this 32 core AMD 6274 processor.
Running this session, with all plugins active, on a dual Xeon or AMD Opteron 8 or 12 core works flawless.


ALL Plugins activated

ASIO (512 buffer) = +/- 68% on a Intel i7 (x980 @ 3.33GHz 12 cores)

No problem here…

Thx for testing !

I came to the same result using a Xeon 2x4core 2.6 Ghz proc.


Friendly bump !
Anyone else care to test this on a multicore machine?