Multi Device Support

Hey guys

Been using a UR44 on my desktop (Win 8.1) for a while now with Cubase 7.5, lovely pre-amps on this thing!

I’ve been doing a lot of mobile recording lately, out in remote locations, nothing too serious, just trying out recording in the hills and by the sea. Running this on my laptop using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. But I was looking at replacing this with a UR22, since the UR22 is USB powered, which I need for this setup (no outlets in a forest…).

However, I wanted to know before buying it, whether I could use this alongside my current UR44 on my desktop. I know some devices have multi device support, allowing the same driver to interact with multiple interfaces at the same time, in effect expanding from 4 pre’s to 6. Does anybody know if this is supported at the moment? I know there’s the ASIO4ALL driver to try and workaround this, but trying with my UR44 and 2i2 hasn’t worked too well (only seem to be getting 2 ins from the UR44).

I’ve rambled a bit there, sorry!
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi. I’m +1 on this question. If I have two similar Steinberg interfaces, does the ASIO driver allow for using both of them at the same time, presenting the inputs and outputs of both devices to the audio application?

Actually, what I would like is to plug two Yamaha digital pianos (which uses the same Yamaha-Steinberg USB driver) and use both as MIDI and audio interface.

On Win machines the Yamaha/Steinberg ASIO only supports one device at a time. I have heard of ppl making it work with some other driver (asio4all?) but never managed it myself.