Please tell STEINBERG dat dey should finally implement a MULTIWARP function in da MAIN-Window like in S1, PT & Logic!
(itz in da Forum multiple times but…)
U could do da job in da Sample-Editor but itz a real pain in the A… wit aligning cuz da Sample-editor zoom can’t b synced 2 da project-window like da midi- or da part-editor. Ghost visualization of events, audio quantize and the auto-alignment-function won’t help in SPECIFIC SITUATIONS when U hav 2 fix/warp/align something manually… hope U know what I’m talking about.
Sum Songs can take hours!!
Logic, PT & S1 solve dis in seconds cuz itz all in 1 window.
Cubase is amazing but 4 dis it‘s far behind otha DAWs when it cums 2 professional editing.
itz so essential nowadays.
Been waiting 4 years.
Looking forward 2 Cubase Pro 17 :slight_smile: