Multi Freeze for external effects

Happily I discovered how easy and great using external effects as inserts is. Great and useful functionality, seemlessly integrating cool analog hardware in the environment. Nice.
So I set up two multi channel TL audio EQ’s, a voice channelstrip and a reverb and got some nice work done on a 7 minutes long song.
Now I wanted to get back to that later. So I needed to freeze the outboard hardware channels.
Freezing is done channel by channel. And each time wait the whole 7 minutes - external hardware only freezes in real time (understandably). The freezing process including distractions and the laundry and the dishwasing and coffeemaking took me three hours and took away most of the fun and advantage of the outboard gear. It got me cornered.

REQUEST : I could think of a tickable menu which lets you choose which outboard gear channels to freeze in one real time run.

There’s requests for multi freeze vsti’s and I want those too, but at least they can faster than real time.
Freezing outboard gear needs it even harder beacause of the real time prerequisite.
When used in longer projects this becomes dramatic

Yes !!
same request here for outboard gear

And same thing for reamping with more than 1 mic , and i use always more than 1 mic for reamp …

I have to reajust all the returned track’s reamped manualy … very dangerous and waste of time