Multi Freeze



I’ve requested this myself. This, and multi-track unfreeze.

In addition, it would be super if those commands which affect the frozen tracks (such as bar insertion/deletion or tempo changes), raise a warning.
Then bulk refreeze feature would be quite helpful, and we’ll have a very comprehensive freeze feature set.

+1 this would save alot of faffing about



Would be a big timesaver - and I guess not so hard to implement.

+1, though I think it would defeat the purpose of analyzing the elements in your project and making better musical decisions.

Begging and pleading again for this. Just had to prepare 26 cues (each a separate project) for transport to another studio for a recording session before coming back here for a mix.

Each cue had between 10 and 30 instrument tracks that have to be frozen, not rendered in place before transporting. It takes a looong time and it would be HUGE to have a feature or even some type of logical editor macro to be able to “Freeze all Selected Tracks”.

RIP is awesome and has it’s uses, but Freezing is one of the BEST features in cubase for transportation/collaboration between studios.

Please, Please Please :!!! incorporate in some way the ability to “Freeze all Selected Tracks” :slight_smile:

nothing in 8.5 perhaps 9.0? At the very least give us Key command access to the freeze feature so we can make a macro using Keyboard Maestro or something. As it stands, the only way to freeze a track is to manually click the button.

8.5 has brought us the ability change timebase for all selected tracks using the logical editor. Could Freeze all selected not be added as well?

Hoping Hoping Hoping :slight_smile:

I Would love that :slight_smile:

Render in Place is awesome and useful in many cases but there are situations i prefer use freeze :wink:

When I write I use a lot of virtual instruments, and when I mix I need that CPU for plugins. So the ability to hit the freeze button on multiple VI’s, hit the freeze button, go grab some coffee, and comeback and mix would be AMAZING! Instead I’m stuck hitting the freeze button manually and being forced to stay and wait until it finishes so I can freeze another track. Very VERY annoying! PLEASE allow Multi-freeze!!!

just spent the past hour re-freezing all my VI and FX heavy audio tracks after unfreezing them in order to add bars in the middle of my song. PLEASE add this feature to Cubase ASAP!!!

I don’t really think making better Musical Decisions has anything to do with Computer Power. It’s a royal pain to run out of CPU when using just a few Sample Modelling Brass instruments for example. They are absolute CPU hogs (sound Incredible) and considering my computer can’t run one instance of all the Brass Instruments at the same time I can only imagine how much Computing power is need to run an entire Orchestra of Sample Modeling stuff (not every instrument has been created yet).

Yeah, I would still love Multi Freeze. It just takes too much time. Which is why I’m going to save up and just buy a second Computer as a Slave. Simple. haha

+1 Oh yesssss!!! Please!!! A very great idea, this is.