Multi-Instrument ala' Studio One 3

Please implement a version of the Multi-Instrument feature in the latest Studio One incarnation. It makes it dead easy to layer up multiple MidiFX, instruments and FX all in one patch and save it as an instrument. No duplicating of tracks to get layers.

One thing they didn’t get right is that they don’t allow VST MidiFX to be used in the NoteFX area so you can only use the 4 included NoteFX they provide. Bitwig has this right as you can drop any VST in any order so chains of midi going through instruments.

Maybe on 8.5 the layering feature ist really nice in V3

Yes, I second that. The multi-instruments could be an improved version of instrument track presets.

Another thing they did not get right with S1v3 is the fact you can only use one MIDI channel in the Multi Instrument container.
It’s a parallel system, that simply spits out MIDI data on MIDI channel 1 to all the devices in the container.
So it’s impossible to use other MIDI channels than channel 1 to drive a VST. Which makes it useless for multitimbral VST’s.
Nor can you use modifier VST’s and route other channels than channel 1 to different VST’s within the container.