multi instrument percussion part missing rests

My multi-instrument percussion part is missing rests…See attachments.

In Galley View, lower line, the Snare Drum and Med. Tom are notated correctly.

In the part, the rests on beat 5,6 are missing.

If I add notes on beats 5,6 they appear properly in the part. But when I delete the notes to make them rests, the rests disappear.

“Hide Prefix” on “To Med. Tom” does not bring the rests back.

It seems there is a “To Med. Tom” on top of a “Med Tom”…

Help! Thank you!
OK if there are notes.PNG
Perc rests in Galley View.PNG
Perc Rests missing.PNG

Unfortunately there is a long-standing limitation in the way instrument changes work when they occur in the middle of a bar, where any padding rests between the final note of one instrument and the first of the next one won’t appear, because Dorico isn’t currently clever enough to know where to get the rests from (it needs the rests from the old instrument, but it switches to the new instrument immediately after the final note, before the rests, and those rests split in that way don’t appear on the new instrument’s staff). This is something we will address in a future version, but I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do about it for now. I don’t know whether it would be acceptable to notate the last note on the original instrument as a dotted quarter instead of an eighth, or to insert the “rests” using Shift+X text. This is obviously a poor situation, but this is a sufficiently gnarly problem that we don’t yet have a good solution for it.

If anyone else needs to work around this, here is a website that has the glyphs (notes and rests as text), they are in “Bravura Text”

I entered the 8th rest glyph in a text box and inserted where needed, slightly different font than Academico…we’ll see if anyone notices. :slight_smile: Thanks again!