Multi-Key Commands (like Word and Wavelab)

In some apps (including Wavelab and MS Word) you can do complex key commands like…
Ctrl-A =and= '… by hitting the two keys rapidly in sequence.

Cubase DESPARATELY needs this ability. There are simply too many useful functions now to possibly fit into the current set of single combinations.

Eg. I want to be able to hit
A =then= 1 to “select marker 11”
A =then= 2 to “select marker 12”
A =then= 3 to “select marker 13”

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Agreed. Also in most apps one can set the number of recently opened files. Who needs 30?

One word…Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

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I can think of 3 levels of satisfaction.

  1. Just give us the ability to load key command presets on the fly. In @suntower’s example, have a preset Markers, which is activated by Ctrl-Insert. Then you could use 1-0, q-p, a-;, z-/ to go to 40 markers, and Shift 1-0, q-p, a-z-;, z-/ to go to 40 cycle markers.

This feature request has been made 5 or more times in the last 2 versions.

  1. Multi functional key commands, as in “1 2 i 1” opens channel number 12 insert slot 1, as suntower says.

  2. Full key command modularity. A keystroke can send MIDI, and the Generic Remote is part of the assignments.

Shenanigans like having 1-0 select channels, q-p increase volume, a-l decrease volume, z-/ mute the corresponding channel become possible.

I guess I’ll have to get Bome after all at some point.

Enter the era of Cubase Command Strings.
As the command strings are being typed, menus and relevant folders open that correspond to the current command. So you type in Comp_ and Cubase brings up a list of all your compressors. Then you punch in 4, for the 4th compressor, and Cubase brings up the list of all the presets.
Rev_ for all your reverbs
+T_I_2 for adding Instrument track x2

Type in stuff and see it happen on the screen. No more zeroing on teensy icons.
This language will become second nature as it is with software devs.

Hmmm… Maybe in 2050

+1! The KB-shortcut address space is currently overcrowded. Having a two-successive key option would open things up immeasurably.

Yes I have also thought about this.

Even hold-key could be a separate command.

But you do realize in your marker example, there already exist the command-function ‘To Cycle Marker x’, which does exactly as you’ve requested pretty much… I mean… you’d have to type 11 if you want 11.