Multi-Layer VSTi Instrument Tracks


I saw a Video on YouTube about Bitwig Studio and I had to trial it because I think it has some awesome unique features. I will create seperate feature requests for each unless there isn’t already one.

One very obvious feature are Muli-Layer Instrument Tracks. Layering is so important and I think for many the workflow would be so much easier if you could just could have

  1. the possibility to add more than one VSTi on an instrument track.

  2. have simple volume controls on the instrument track itself (via inspector).

  3. add the possbility to create multi-outs on a track level if needed, so you have dedicated audio channels in the mixer for each VSTi on the instrument track.

Example from Bitwig Studio:

Hope something like this will come up in future versions.


what about MIDI tracks?

you can send MIDI tracks to multiple instruments

the instrument track has a volume control, the track fader does this…

the instrument has to support this

yes, I am well aware that you can send MIDI tracks to multiple instruments but I do not like the workflow of setting it up during a session. Then it is even faster for me to create new instruments tracks and dublicate the MIDI to that tracks instead of routing another MIDI track to those instances.

Also I will get additional tracks for each instrument plus the MIDI track in the sequencer. I know I can hide tracks but I think the Bitwig option (and I think Ableton Live also supports this) is much more convenient if you want to treat the different instrument layers as one instance during a session without complicated routing etc. Just add another instrument layer within the same track with one click.

Maybe it is just me but when I tried it out in Bitwig I thought its a really cool feature and much faster.