Multi measure rest behaviour in part

Hi, I’m seeing an unexpected behaviour in a Flute part. The score shows 19 empty bars for the Flute part + pickup beat, no tempo markings or other remarks in the score in these measures. Everything pretty strait forward. The Flute part however shows two multi measure regions divided by two ‘normal’ empty bars (see image). ??

Any help appreciated.

If you show signposts, are there any signposts in these bars? Are those rests explicit – what happens when you select the two bar rests and press Delete?

If neither of those help, please share the project.

@ Lillie: Thanks for your reply. With ‘time signatures’ signposts on, both measures showed up as 2/4 bars instead of 3/4. After changing them into 3/4, one of the empty measures is now included in the first multi measure bar region (now 14 instead of 13 measures). The other one still however shows up as a single empty measure. Selecting the bar and press delete doesn’t do anything.

If you would like further assistance, please attach the project as requested. Thanks!

I entered a few extra bars in the score, entered the notes again and deleted the ‘old’ bars. The single empty bar is now gone, two separate multibar regions are left and one singpost ‘3/4’. Some mixup in the time signature apparently. I’ll go on re-entering notes and deleting bars in the score untill the singpost is gone. Thanks for your replies!

If you have an unneeded ¾ signpost you can’t delete, it may be the sign of a ‘custom’ barline that happens to look like a normal one. You might try to select the barline itself and delete it.
This happens frequently in projects based on imported XML.

@PjotrB: Yes, I noticed. But now I’m rid of the two multi measure bar regions because in the following measure the flute part starts. The empty bars now show up as one multimeasure region. Maybe not the ultimate way, but good enough for now.
I will also try what happens when I enter a new part, fill it and delete the old flute part.
Score was not imported as XML, btw. Thanks!