Multi measure rests don't show

Multi measure rests (MMR) don’t show in a fragment of a (viola) part of a score. All other parts show MMR and also the viola part show MMR everywere else in the part, except in this fragment. Multibar rests are activated in Layout Options for all parts. What could be the problem?
Thanks for any help.

Most likely something belonging to the part that’s preventing the bars from consolidating: perhaps a playing technique with duration that spans the bars? Or a gradual dynamic?

If you make sure signposts are shown, are there any signposts in the region?

What happens if you select the bars on the viola staff and press Delete, in case the bar rests have ended up explicit rather than implicit?

Failing that, maybe share the project so someone can take a look.

Thanks for you reply. None of the above, unfortunately. I think I’ll try to delete and rewrite this specific fragment (10 bars) of the score to see if that helps.

Btw: The rests in the viola part show up as implicit rests, in the score as well as in the part.

There must be something in these bars. Try selecting playing techniques, dynamics, etc. right before the intended multirest. I’m pretty sure you’ll see that one of them extends into the rests by accident.

Thanks for your reply, PjotrB. I got the multirest measures back. However, with a weird behaviour: The multirest measures in question were 10 bars. There seemed to be a text ‘dim.’ that stretched into the bar BEFORE these 10 bars. When I moved the dim. text one 16th (to the left), the 10 bar multirest appeared.