Multi-midi out pattern trigger Groove Agent

I am informed that Groove Agent 4 has midi out so that midi patterns can be triggered by a pad and sent out to another VSTi, building on this could the following be implemented?

  1. The assignment of a midi-out feature to each individual pad.
  2. Option to select/tick multiple midi outs, therefore, driving multiple VSTi’s with the same pattern for layering purposes.
  3. In addition, you can denote what musical key the pattern assigned to each pad is in.
  4. Option to transpose the key at either the pad or master level on the midi out data (not affecting the incoming midi note that triggers the pad)
  5. The usual suspects by way of one shot (very important), immediate, next beat/measure, hold, gate, sync and number of measures.

Some context for the possible use of this kind of feature.

Live playing, adding patterns/motifs that can be triggered on the fly thus creating more tone and colour to main harmony or melody being played without relying on useful but restrictive part arrangement technique.
Also, a singer suddenly asks ‘…can we bump the key up or down by some number of semi-tones?’ and all that needs to be changed is the transpose midi out option (obviously only on musical instruments and not percussion/drum) thus rendering the correct key when triggering a pad (like a capo used on guitar).

Cubase Pro 9.5
Halion 6
Happy with my software and hardware rig.

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