Multi-monitor bug in Cubase 12

I’m running Cubase 12 on a PC with three 4K screens using the built-in Intel Alder Lake GPU. This setup is working great – I have SuperVision on my left monitor, my project window on my center monitor, and the Mix Console on my right monitor.

There is only one issue: Whenever I open my Cubase project, the project window opens on the right monitor, despite having been saved when positioned on the center monitor. So whenever I open my projects, I need to unmaximize that project window on the right monitor (so I can move it), then move the window with my mouse to my center monitor, and then re-maximize it so it stays put on that center monitor. SuperVision on the left monitor and the Mix Console on the right monitor remember their positions/monitor assignments across project saves just fine, but the project window does not.

This isn’t a huge deal since I have this manual workaround, but it’s still annoying. Has anybody had an issue similar to this (and perhaps a solution)?

FYI, I’ve also emailed this as a support ticket to Steinberg, and I’ll share any worthwhile insights from that interaction on this thread too.