Multi-mono 3rd party plugin support for multichannel tracks

I’m looking into diving into surround sound for work, and somehow in 2024 multi-mono plugin support seems completely non-existent in Cubase. The only workaround is opening 3-6 instances of the plugin (for 5.1), and configuring the routing in the routing editor. Unfortunately, this visually takes up a ton of room on my inserts and offers no way to link parameters for each instance. I know Logic and Pro Tools both support this, so is there a reason why Cubase doesn’t especially since Cubase is heavily used in post-production?

In the meantime, if anyone has viable ways to navigate this, I’d appreciate it!

Hi JMHegger,

you are right, there is no distinct ‘Multi Mono’ processing option available in Cubase. Many of the built in plug-ins like StudioEQ, Frequency, ChannelEQ, Mono Delay and more, do a multi-mono processing anyway. The ones from the Dynamics category should be inserted group-wise, stereo instances for front and rear channels, and mono for center, as they have a linked-channels processing.


Hey @andreasm,

My apologies, I wasn’t clear in my original post. I’m specifically referring to 3rd party plugins (just updated the title). Thanks!

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