Multi-mono import to stereo tracks, is this possible in Nuendo?


In PT it’s possible to drag 2 mono files onto 1 stereo track or even drag 4 mono files to 2 stereotracks.
I’m sorely missing any clue of how this could be done in Nuendo (10).
Is this at all possible?
Long reason:
I want to import multiple mono recorder tracks from my field recorder (split mono instead of multichannel).
They are named Record1_1.wav | Record1_2.wav | Record1_3.wav | Record1_4.wav.
The first 2 tracks are a Mid Side microphone setup and are not decoded during recording.
So 1 is Mid and 2 is Side.
The 3rd and 4th track are spaced omni pair.
So I’d like to drag these 4 files onto 2 stereo tracks. 1 track with a midside processor and 1 track without.
I can then edit them as a group and export as needed with the midside processing and without.

Can this be done in Nuendo?

Thanks in advance!

You can’t drag them in a la Protools but you can do this. Import them onto mono tracks then select the two tracks you want to join and choose Project>Convert Tracks from the menu. You can assign a key command to make this super quick and easy. john

Thanks, ok that works well enough.
It does however create new files, but it seems the file name is identical (except for the additional _Stereo). It will take some time on longer recordings (ambiences) but this is very useful still.
BTW I did find the split channels option but never thought of looking in Project for this option. I think it’s logical to have both options in one function, but this will do for sure!