Multi-note tremolo input

Been going through the manual and forum trying to figure this out and so far no luck. What I would like to do is input two different dotted half notes in 3/4 time with the tremolo indicator between them as shown in the right panel repeat category. I believe I saw there is a popover available to do this, but not certain.

This is a good question (that has been numerously answered now…)
Input your two dotted notes with force duration on so that each one appears as a single note with a dot. Select them, Shift-R (the repeats popover) and x2 (where x is the rhythmic value of the tremolo, usually 3), enter.

If you’re definitely looking at the latest version of the manual (for Dorico 5), the note about this has been gradually improved over time and should now be quite clear:


I was really close and MarcLarcher and you put me over the top. Thank you! It was the only thing preventing me from completing my project.

Thanks a million. Project now done!

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